How to Get Better at Basics of Badminton

You must first understand the basics. Here are some tips.

  1. Finding the Sweet Spot This is the best way to perfect the move. This refers to hitting the rubber middle of the shuttle.
  2. The top of the Shuttle’s Arch: You can hit the shuttle at its top arc to maximize the speed and height, giving you greater control over the shot. Waiting for the shuttle to come to you will cause it to lose momentum.
  3. Reverting to the original position Once you’re done with your shot, return to the middle court. Your opponent cannot make a shot or send the shuttle to an inaccessible position by returning to their original position.
  4. Take the shuttle back to the backline. You can aim for the backline with sufficient precision if you are able to make a shot. This will cause your component to move backwards quickly and then return the favor with enough strength.
  5. Practicing your Footwork: Your footwork is key to the success of your games. Keep your feet moving and on your toes so you can move quickly for the shot. You can do many exercises, including shadow footwork and lunges.
  6. Practicing Short Serve: This is a great way to get your opponent’s attention. This might be an unexpected move and your opponent may not respond in time.
  7. Practice Long Serves in Singles Serving long in singles is another way to catch your opponent by surprise. With enough momentum, send the shuttle to the back of your service line.

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